On Living in London

It is February 2017 already and about eight months after I have last posted a blog entry on this page. Crazy… The reason for this has been my lack of travel during all this time. Apart from a trip to Madrid on which I could not find the time to blog, as well as a short weekend in Oxford, I simply did not move around.

The reason: I live in London now! Rents in this place are so incredibly high that sleeping elsewhere, also if just for the weekend, feels like a huge waste of money. If I already have a flat here, I should bloody well stay in it…

During travel times, this blog has been the place where I empty out my brain, create new space and conclude with a period of travel to have an open mind again for the next. Writing blog entries therefore was essential for me during the Latin America trip. Without it, I felt like my brain was stuck with too many experiences and too many impressions to cope with. So I had to unload it every few weeks or even days onto the pages of this blog to be free again to enjoy the next bit.

Now in London which is also a new, strange place to me, I have not felt the need for this so strongly. My touristy, “travelling” episodes in this city (getting anywhere in this city definitely CAN be quite the trip), always alternate with daily routines – study, shopping, cooking, meeting friends in a familiar surrounding – giving me the opportunity to reflect and unload all the experiences I had. Hence, I have not felt the need for writing this blog, also as the study already makes me write so much anyways.

Right now, I feel it is time to change this! Knowing that I will leave London quite soon, nostalgia is already setting in and I want to have something to look back to if I want to be reminded of all the great activities I did and the things I saw. Also, it is always great to help others on a trip to a place that I am now familiar with. A programme I committed to at uni also requires me to do something creative to reflect on my time here. For all these reasons, and as I really miss creative writing, I am starting a new project on this blog: a guide to my personal London experience, what I did and saw during a year of postgraduate study. Working title: On Living in London. Enjoy what is to come!