On our first hitchhiking trip to Barcelona
On our first hitchhiking trip to Barcelona in 2013

Yola Yalla – that is us, Jenny and Chris from Germany. Young travellers, adventurers, backpackers, hitchhikers, (exchange) students and experiencers.

“Yola” means “to the road” in Turkish, and “Yalla” in Arabic stands for “hurry up”. Jenny is Turkish in her heart because of two exchanges in this beautiful country and speaks fluent Turkish. Chris does not only look like an Arab (while he is 100% German) but also spend a year in Egypt and some time in Tunisia. So Yola Yalla, which stands for “Hurry onto the road”, fits as a motto of our life.

In this blog, we write and speak about our trips and travels around the world and what else we experience. Our biggest trip so far has been backpacking through Latin America for 5 months between September 2015 and February 2016.

During the trip, we noted that Jenny’s passion for writing is a little bit bigger than Chris’. So actually, nearly all of the posts are made by her. Her newest project is to write On Living in London, where we currently do our postgraduate studies.

So enjoy the blog and don’t forget to head onto the road yourself! Yalla!


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