The journey begins

… with packing. A process that took Jenny several months and Chris about, let’s say two days. She has scrolled endlessly through various blogs such as planetbackpack just to find another actually not so necessary item, as Chris needed to tell her. The result of endless planning and un-planning looks like this:

Our luggagePretty amazing, right? We almost made it to the weight of hand luggage! The blogs actually proved to be very handy as they taught us one important lesson: Don’t take anything which you won’t need once per week (apart from medication hopefully). Plus: Bringing less to your travel leaves all the more space to bring souvenirs and memories back home.

Chris’ mom provided another great lesson to the picture:


And this day was today. We are stretching the definition of a day here a little bit since it is about 2 am in the morning in Germany right now. Here in Panama it is 7 pm. We hope you don’t notice from the writing (Jenny used Backspace a lot…).

So here we are, just travelled across the Atlantic and ready for the adventure. It is Jenny’s first time on this continent and Chris’ third.

Departure from Amsterdam... We don't feel like new pictures right now.
Departure from Amsterdam… We don’t feel like new pictures right now.

But for both of us, there were a lot of firsts today:

  • First time seeing the Panama Canal (from the airplane)
  • First time in Panama Airport (where we are writing this right now)
  • First jet lag to come (for Jenny)
  • First time KLM which is actually pretty good apart from the weird baggage check-in
  • Talking about that, first check-in without human interaction at all
  • First blog-post also written by Chris

We are actually switching the writer with every sentence. For now.

Also for now, we feel too tired to continue, so we’ll leave the rest for after arrival at our final destination Granada, Nicaragua where we will stay at Casa Xalteva Spanish School for the next 4 weeks. Adiós!


4 thoughts on “The journey begins

  1. Hey Jenny and Chris, good for you!! Enjoy, live your dream and experience everything as intensive as possible, And Jenny, you only need your friend, some money and your passport to travel. Traveling light is sooo much easier. Looking forward to your stories. I am travelling to Panama 26th of September! If you are still around, we could meet, but I guess you are already gone by then.
    xxx Liesbeth Rijsdijk


    1. Hey Liesbeth, thank you!! Yes, now I know but I am proud to have only 11 kg of luggage in total. Should be light enough for the first real backpacking trip. We will only leave Nicaragua for Costa Rica on the 3rd October and then be in Panama towards the end of October. Until when will you stay? Greetings from Nicaragua!!


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